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Terms and Conditions

How To Cancel Your Membership

1.Cancellation of membership must be done in writing to
2. Notice periods for all membership cancellations begin on the first day of the following month (following written notice) and end on the last day of that same month.  For example;  a cancellation request is received by GBM on the 16th of March.  The membership notice period will begin on the 1st April and end on the 30th April. Members are encouraged to continue to attend classes throughout their notice period.
3. Members must Not cancel their direct debit with their bank following notifying Gracie Barra Middlesbrough of their intent to cancel membership.
4. A failed payment fee of £15 will be payable for any returned direct debit payment requests. Gracie Barra Middlesbrough reserves the right to cancel any membership without notice, and seek to recover missed payments, should a direct debit be cancelled prior to the 30 day notice period or completion

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